Marine Surveys. Cargo and safety supervision

Ports in Canada, USA East Coast and other areas

Work according to defined International Guidelines

Full range of marine and cargo surveys in Canada for over 12 years

Marine surveyor service in Canada

Being located in Montreal and covering all Canadian ports, we are able to carry out various marine surveys, specializing in tankers, self-unloaders, bulkers, containers, passenger, cable ships, etc.

Our surveyors have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the maritime industry’s needs, covering underwriting, surveying, claims handling administration, loss prevention, etc.

We are ready to provide professional support acting on behalf of the Underwriters concerned, including H&M, P&I, Owners, Cargo interests, Attorneys and many other interests.

Port and Supercargo Services in Montreal and Canada within our reach

Safeguarding your interests, saving your time and money

Supervision of the proper cargo stowage, separation and lashing

Our experienced cargo superintendents, who sailed for many years on chemical tankers and bulk carriers, can take away a big part of the excessive workload of the ship’s crew. This is with the purpose to ensure safe navigation and delivery of cargo to the port of destination.

Service is available on short notice and will stay on board, if required, from the gangway down until departure.

Other Services

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